Limited Edition Rainbow Pen Company® Exclusive

Naked Koa Hawaiian Monarchy™ Pen

  • Size: 5.5" Long X 11/16" Wide
  • Weight: 1.8oz
  • Price: S.I.C. Koa $345.00
    Premium Koa $245.00
    Curly Koa $199.00

The Naked Koa Hawaiian Monarchy™ pen, as the name suggests, is a pen fit for a king. The design is a Limited Edition Rainbow Pen Company® Exclusive.

Naked Koa Hawaiian Monarchy™ Pen's Titanium Gold Caps

The Naked Koa Hawaiian Monarchy™

This Limited Edition Rainbow Pen Company® Exclusive is exceptionally well crafted and one of the most elegant pens you will find in paradise. Any visit to the islands fills your soul with wonderful feelings of joy. The beautiful surroundings, pristine ocean oasis, dramatic water carved Ko’olau Mountains, and majestic Diamond Head are only a few of the memories travelers take home with them; along with a heaping helping of ALOHA!

The Naked Koa Hawaiian Monarchy™ pen, as the name suggests, is a pen fit for a king. The design is a testament to many things truly found only in Hawaii. The girth of the pen recognizes the physically powerful stature and presence of the Hawaiian rulers that consolidated their reign over these lands. The Titanium Gold cap is adorned with the majestic Diamond Head view with a palm tree and canoe off the coast in Waikiki. The Titanium Gold end cap displays proudly a circular medallion representing the Hawaiian flag. The Titanium Gold bands are decorated with the words "Hawaii" and "Aloha" with Hibiscus flowers centered between as a reminder of the warmth of the people of Hawaii.

Finally, the pen is handcrafted in Hawaii with the most beautiful wood in the world that is only found here in Hawaii, Hawaiian Curly Koa. The word “curly” is not adequate to describe the amazing tiger-eye curl figure nature has bestowed upon the Koa found here in these pens, so a new acronym was formed. Only S.I.C. (Seriously Intense Curly) Koa™ is used in the handcrafting of most Rainbow Pen Company® pens. Curly Koa makes up a very small percentage of all available Koa and S.I.C. Koa™ represents the most desirable Koa available nationwide. The Naked Koa Hawaiian Monarchy™ is a truly unique Rainbow Pen Company® exclusive.

Koa wood is also indigenous to the islands and is only found in larger quantities on the Big Island, here in the center of the Pacific Ocean. The majestic Naked Koa Hawaiian Monarchy™ pen is expertly handcrafted with exceptional attention to detail and quality components for a truly magnificent and unique heirloom writing instrument.

All Rainbow Pen Company® pens and pen sets come in a sustainable felt lined bamboo pen box with magnetic catches. The BAMBOX™ can be personalized with laser engraving for an additional fee. The Naked Koa Hawaiian Monarchy™ pen uses a ceramic roller-ball refill available at most stores.

Rainbow Pen Company® uses only the curliest Koa available and is committed to using only legally acquired fallen trees from the Big Island where the indigenous species grow in significant quantities. Even though there are numerous Koa trees, the amount of curly Koa relative to all Koa available is extremely small. You can be assured your pen is as unique as it is rare.

Rainbow Pen Company® Naked Koa™ pens are crafted with precision, sanded with care, coated in several layers of durable clear-coat finish before being placed back on the lathe. It is then sanded and polished again through 12,000 grit before being buffed to a baby smooth finish. The flawless Koa is carefully coated with a Microcrystalline wax prior to final assembly.

Rainbow Pen Company® warrants their pens against breakage due to defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase, but also stands behind the quality of our pens with a repair service to keep your pen looking its best under all conditions, for as long as you own your Rainbow Pen.
Mahalo for choosing Rainbow Pen Company®