After nearly two decades of pen making in various parts of the U.S. -- and the world for that matter -- the Rainbow Pen Company® (RPC) was born. It was a combination of years of turning evolution, toiling in the craft using various materials and methods, along with a spark of inspiration after nearly a dozen years in paradise -- The Land of Rainbows -- that the insightful and seamless merging of Rainbow Acrylic and gorgeous Premium Curly Koa of the highest grades created the heirloom quality pens that RPC is renown for. 

The Land of RainbowsIt was not enough to have great looking Koa streaked with Tiger Eye reflections, RPC wanted more. We wanted to throw out the short lived wax finishes, the easily scarred CA glue finishes and the tacky friction polish and create a seamless glossy finish that was durable and beautiful; RPC succeeded. RPC wanted to break out of the humdrum standard pen designs and produce ONLY truly unique pen creations that no other company can offer. We wanted pen designs that honored the Hawaiian experience as a remembrance of the beautiful place we call home and people the world over call Paradise; RPC succeeded. RPC wanted to eliminate one solid mass of wood book-ended between various kit hardware and fuse seamlessly dissimilar material representing various aspects of this paradise called Hawaii; RPC succeeded. 

RPC also succeeded in creating an heirloom worthy and sustainable bamboo box adorned with exclusive Rainbow Pen Company® laser engraved Hawaiian scenes suitable for holding a magnificent utilitarian tool of the written language, or as a keepsake box for some of your treasured memories.

Rainbow Pen Company® uses only the curliest Koa available and is committed to using only legally acquired fallen trees from the Big Island where the indigenous species grow in significant quantities. Even though there are numerous Koa trees, the amount of curly Koa relative to all Koa available is extremely small. You can be assured your pen is as unique as it is rare.

Rainbow Pen Company® has also succeeded in helping you maintain the beauty and integrity of your tangible art and warrants their pens against breakage due to defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. RPC also stands behind the quality of our pens with a repair service to keep your pen looking its best under all conditions for as long as you own your Rainbow Pen.